A mostly cynical, but always sincere, take on balancing the two hemispheres of my life: Circus and Libraries.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's amazing how a little pre-work cunnilingus will nudge those clock-hands forward so much more quickly! I've been at the reference desk for and hour and a half, but it feels like 5 minutes. Not only that, but I've managed to answer each and every question with a smile on my face and not a trace of distracted annoyance. The thing is, I was a a tad worried that what with all the after-lunch pussy-licking that was happening at home, I might be late to work again.
Normally, I don't worry too much about punctuality for a couple of reasons. First of all, I have had this job off and on for twelve years and have never been reviewed or reprimanded. Secondly, it is my opinion that since I am a "floater" librarian who fills in where I'm needed, that they are lucky that I show up at all. And most importantly, most of my coworkers realize that I have another career on which most of my energy is spent and they are incredulous that I even have the stamina to juggle the two. In other words, I've been cut some slack.
That is, until yesterday, when I found out my supervisor has been doing her job! She is the first to actually care what is going on with the pool of "as-needed" librarians. She checked with all of the reference desks and asked them to review our performance and then scheduled appointments with us in which she filled us in on what they've been saying behind our backs. It is no surprise to me that my two main criticisms were tardiness and conducting personal business on the desk. Where else am I supposed to do it? The patrons are allowed to conduct their personal hygiene and bathroom business all over the library, so why can't I write a blog or two? But the punctuality thing made me want to try harder. That is, until my BF insisted there was enough time to go downtown before I had to be at work. I had an excuse in case I was caught. He made me blow him in exchange for a ride to work. We're even.