A mostly cynical, but always sincere, take on balancing the two hemispheres of my life: Circus and Libraries.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

In an attempt to surmount the acute case of "compassion fatigue" that I've been harboring recently, I made a resolution to be more attentive and well, compassionate, to the loonies at the library. I realized that a shift in my way of thinking about the library professions would help me with this goal. So now, instead of identifying myself as a "librarian", I am now a "library counselor and pseudo social worker". Of course, the day I pick to start this mission is a Sunday (which is normally insane to begin with) following a Saturday on which we were closed. woo-hoo.

I guess what I want to say is: A very verbally abusive and agressively mentally ill woman crapped in her pants and sat in 5 or 6 chairs before we could get her outside and even then she pulled the race card on me--as if I were accusing black people in general of not being able to control their bowels. There is supposed to be a real, live social worker in building to get this woman someplace to clean herself up and get some clean pants, but I it appears he wasn't here today. Not only that, we probably have our own bathrooms listed on our handout for "Homeless Shelters and Other Emergency Services" judging from the sense of entitlement with which most indigents use our facilities. This is just fucking frustrating. I am most certainly an advocate for EVERYBODY's right to use the public library--but not to use it as a bathroom, a shooting gallery, a whorehouse, or a porno arcade. When and how did people begin to assume that just because it's 'free' and 'public' that all social decorum and manners fly out the window? No one acts like this at in other public buildings in the city.

You know why? Because we are the only organization that puts up with it. Our administration if a bunch of fucking pussies that can't say no to anyone because they are afraid of lawsuits and rights organizations shitting down their necks when they try to uphold any sort of standards. And they should be afraid. Pretty soon, everyone in San Francisco will have their own community interest organization. Everyone will have at least one rights advocate appointed to them and their particular sphere of existense. I would like a full team and a board of directors for mine: The Anne Weshinskey Association for the Advancement of Anne's Personal Wishes and Goals. I DEMAND EQUAL RIGHTS! And I want equal access for me to all the entertainment venues I deam entertaining for free, I'd like to take a crap in the Mayor's office, and then I want to set up a circus tent outside the ferry building and force every resident of San Francisco to watch me perform--at least once. It should be possible. In a city where we try to hard to cater to everyone, can't we at least cater to people that want free and open access to information and a safe and quiet place to study this information? I want to start a coalition of people who are not rich enough to have their own computers, own libraries, or personal assitants (people that have to use the library for information) but not so insane that they are distupting the well being of researchers. With all the money the city spends in programs, the insane should have their own places to go. I think they are called 'asylums'.